Trends Related to Victims

There are many trends in the field of Victims agencies, but I chose to focus on the trends with victims themselves. Although there are many victims’ services today they still need more individuals to help solve most of the social justice issues they are trying to resolve, the more resources the better. Women’s have been a victim for far too long and although we’ve developed a society with some form of equality. Discrimination and abuse against women are witnessed around the nation. Women are still seen as a minority in a much developed country like Canada. If you think this is bad, you can imagine how women are treated in other third world countries. This chart shows the “Percentage of spousal violence victims who reported to police, by sex of victim, 1993, 1999 and 2004”. You can see here that women report being victims of sexual violence double the amount of men. This chart only shows a fraction of the issue most crimes go unreported. Not all bruises can be seen on the outside and many victims don’t report abuse out of fear. The Canadian Women’s Foundation has a great facts sheet about violence against women you can read to learn some interesting facts. They talk about how crime rates have dropped, but the violence is still happening and it is a serious issue.  I’m not granting jobs for all graduates in this field but I’m saying that this field of occupation needs more resources to help tackle this issue and reduce the numbers of victim’s and to sustain gender equality.

This is a video that shows teen dating violence, it’s not always so black and white but it just like this film the intensity of the violence gradually increases. In most cases victims don’t even realize what’s happening till their head deep into the situation. That’s when they try to find a solution or someone needs to reach out to them to help them get out of the issue before it’s too late.


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